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Client Success Stories

Effective Solutions for Canine Holter Monitoring & Seroma Treatment

Because Phoenix Design Solutions is one of the only providers of unique coverage solutions for animals, our amazing products have become the standard over the years. Our holter monitor vest (which was originally designed for DVM Solutions) has become the vest of choice for most canine holter monitoring devices. We've created a wide variety of helpful products, including splints, braces, elbow protection, carpal solutions, hobble systems, and animal seroma treatment bandages.


A Client Success Story

Mia's family came to us as a referral from Buckeystown Veterinary Hospital. Mia suffered from continuous seromas and infections at the end of her partially amputated left front leg. She needed a garment that was durable and breathable and would encapsulate her partially amputated left front leg while still allowing freedom of movement for her right leg. The garment had to stay in place and be able to be worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Using the knowledge we gained in designing the holter monitor vests, we custom sculpted a vest with a leg cup in 2009 for Mia.

Mia & Her Family's Story

"Mia is a three legged lab who was dropped off at a shelter in the middle of the night 8.5 years ago with 1/2 of her front leg amputated and her pelvis broken in 4 places. She managed to survive that ordeal and is absolutely the most incredible living being I know living up to her name which stands for Miracle In Action. Needless to say I would go to the ends of the earth for her. We have been to University of Pennsylvania for ideas, had a prosthetic leg made for her, have driven to Massachusetts twice to get a cart made for her, we take her to physical therapy every week (for the past 3 years) and we have also had multiple Vests made for her by Schön. When we had our first vest made in 2009, Schön invited us to her house so she could meet Mia, take her measurements and design a custom vest that would protect and support her. Over the years as Mia's condition has changed, Schön has always fit us in and will tweak Mia's vests so that she would be protected and comfortable."